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The Things Needed to Upkeep Chainsaw Parts

A chainsaw sharpener ensures the cutting edges on a chainsaw are kept at maximum sharpness. Sharpeners can be electric or hand held. Whatever kind is used, the care of a totally sharpened blade is absolutely vital. Both to the safety of the user and to quality of cut wood will all depend on a perfectly sharpened chain which is filed at the proper angle.

Even though a chainsaw is operated using a high powered electric or gasoline motor, the saw’s teeth are the ones which bite into the wood and perform all the hard work. The durable chrome plating on a chain’s teeth have to be filed using a chain saw sharpener regularly. If this is not performed, the hard edge will dull over time, and the user needs to exert more force on the saw in order to cut, and the chainsaw will produce poor quality cutting.

Forced exertion by the user can lead to faster fatigue. Research has shown that most chainsaw accidents happen when their users are exhausted. The moment a chainsaw has to be pushed in order for it to cut is when the saw user must stop and use the sharpener on the chain. The cutting edge on dull chains still appear sharp, so visual inspection is not a good way of seeing if the sharpness of blades is still good. A chainsaw sharpener, in addition to other valuable  chainsaw parts needs to be kept handy at all times.

Dull chains cause chainsaws to create too much sawdust, instead of the wood chips which correctly sharpened blades must produce. Crooked cuts or the odor of burning wood are all symptoms a chainsaw blade has to be sharpened. The time between using a chain saw sharpener does vary depending on the condition of the wood that is getting cut. Also, chains are made for only cutting wood, so if the blade touches metal, dirt, or stone, the edge will be dull within a few seconds.

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